Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Here is proof that Pangea's beautiful shiny coat is returning now that she has shedded out her miserable sunbleached summer coat and is growing in a new winter one!

She still has more coat to grow, but you can see some of the shine returning. YAY!


  1. She is looking really good :) I always hated the sun bleached/red head look on Promise, but man, when her winter coat came in with that gorgeous seal bay color...the only downside was, it meant winter was close behind!

    How is the stifle acting after the injection?

  2. When I saw your photos on FB the other day I thought she looked like a different pony! So shiny!

  3. Looking good! But her leaning forwards like that is what you pointed out in an earlier post isn't it, always resting and putting pressure down on the front of her toes..? It's really pronounced in this pic.

  4. Stifles look good! Or well, about the same as they have been. She's been back swimming but tomorrow will be her first time back under saddle again, so we'll see!
    Hypocaffeinic, yes, that is what I am talking about. In this pic she is standing with her front feet on a slope, so it is REALLY exaggerated, but that is how she stands to a lesser degree all the time.