Sunday, February 26, 2012

She's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Reposted from February 21st, 2012!)

SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday afternoon, the world came full circle as Pangea set foot on Texas soil for the first time after four travel days on a trailer. (She had a nice big box stall, but still, that's a long journey!) The big rig pulled into my workplace at around 4pm, right as we were feeding of course... isn't that always the way! Even though she's not living at my work facility, I had her dropped off there so I could be present for the pickup. Obviously I was working, so I couldn't exactly leave in the middle of everything to go get her!

I waited all day long for the trailer... and then finally...

There they were!!

She was very interested in her surroundings...

And was VERY happy to offload!

We stuck her in one of the empty pens between barns while we finished out the day, and she proceeded to take a nice long drink, roll in the mud, take a few bites of hay, and wander around and around and around in circles watching our every move. She didn't seem particularly distressed, but she was alert and very mobile. Take a bite of hay, walk around, take a drink, walk around, take another bite of hay, walk around...

We had our first little come-to-Jesus meeting when I went to load her onto my trailer to take her up to the facility she'd be living at. She put both front feet on the ramp, stopped, and basically said, "you can't possibly be serious. I've been on a trailer for FOUR DAYS. I do NOT want to get back on one." We tried again, and again, she stopped on the ramp and said no. One quick 15 second groundwork lesson later, and she was on the trailer without another problem, so it's hard to fault her. As far as I can tell, she's been basically allowed to run the show, and therefore doesn't have a whole lot in the way of manners. However, there is nothing malicious in her behavior... she's just not used to being told "no." When she does something obnoxious, and you tell her not to, she quickly responds with, "sorry, ok."

At the new farm, she settled in well, finding her shed, the waterer, and her food all within a few minutes. I left her naked for the night even though it was supposed to be a bit chilly... if she survived without a blanket in January in Alberta, surely she would be fine for temps in the 40's for an evening! (It was in the 70's during the day.)

I checked up on her this morning before work, and we had our second come-to-Jesus meeting. Again, it's hard to fault her for this one, but when she saw me coming with her halter in hand, she turned tail to me and walked away. "Lady, please god don't put her on the trailer." I absolutely under no circumstances tolerate this. She didn't go far, just into the corner of her pen, but she did try to wiggle away from me once there. She lifted her head away from me when I went to put her halter on, and I stopped her and pulled her head back to me. She looked positively shocked... oh dang, authority police! After that, I had no troubles with her.

We ate some grass, went for a walk...

And went back to our pen. She was very happy to NOT be getting back onto a trailer!

I'll have more later about the beauty session that we had tonight... for now, it's more unpacking and studying!

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