Sunday, February 26, 2012


Reposted from January 31st: Sophie's prepurchase finally happened today. I didn't actually even know it was set for today until a day and a half ago, which is why I never updated anyone on it... it happened so quickly! The vet called me this morning to give me her two cents, and basically what we found was absolutely nothing that we didn't already know about. We discussed the wonkiness in the LH, which showed up somewhat today but didn't change during flexions, and improved with movement. We also discussed the fact that she is 15 years old, living in a field, completely out of shape and not on any sort of supplements or therapies.... it is no surprise in the winter that she comes out a little stiff. With maintenance, she should be able to be a perfectly serviceable mount for years to come.

In other words, after seven years of chasing this beautiful, wonderful, sweet, lovely mare.... I finally will have her. Everything has come full circle like it was meant to, and I can hardly believe it. Is this really happening?? It hasn't even really hit me yet. SHE'S COMING HOME.

Reposted from February 18th: Things on this end are suddenly in fully swing in terms of transport. Everything happened so quickly.... one second we were discussing options, the next second I was signing and e-mailing paperwork back to her old owner. On Tuesday, she officially became mine! (Or well, technically on Thursday when her owner received siged paperwork on my end.) Things wet into full overdrive mode when I received a surprise e-mail from my shipper on Thursday after several days of silence stating that they were going to pick up my mare that evening. Uhhhh WHAT?! The woman seeing her off was at work, the papers were all at her old owner's house, and I had nothing to my name, not eve a board contract signed! A few frantic phone calls later, we managed to organize everything, and as of 10am yesterday, my sweet mare was loaded on the trailer and heading towards the international border. Omigoodness this is really happening!!!!

There is so much more to write - and a new blog is in order! - but as for this moment in time I need to figure out what to do with the hay situation, so off I go!!

And she has a new name... Pangea.

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