Sunday, July 8, 2012


When we last left off from the sunbleaching story, I had put Gogo's old Saratoga flysheet on Pangea as an experiment in the war against the bleach. It has been a *tiny* bit cooler here, and I figured it was worth a shot - maybe it would keep the worst of the UV rays away. Pangea had other ideas about this, and it didn't take very long for her to decide that enough was enough.

Gogo wore this sheet for YEARS without issue. Pangea wore it for two days.

Yep... pretty much destroyed! Shredded all down the back in multiple places. Check out the half-ruined flymask as well. I'm going to have to break out my needle and thread for that one... I'm not particularly handy, so maybe I'll just do it with baling twine. She's going to destroy it either way!

Oh mares....

PS Mimi is back home and doing very well! We never did find out what was wrong with her, but a heavy dose of antibiotics seems to have knocked the worst of it out and she is steadily improving every day. I thought for sure we were going to lose her... what a relief to have her home!


  1. Glad Mimi is doing better!

    As for bleached mare... maybe try paprika for next year?

  2. Glad your kitty is okay. Thank goodness for nine lives.

  3. LOL! What a raggamuffin! Project Spruce Up Horse... Fail.

    :D just let her be.

  4. My cat went to the vet this spring due to a night of seizures. Vet checked everything possible, super expensive. Then right before I leave he asks if I have a lot of antihistamines around the house. My roommate at the time had asthma and allergies and her bathroom wass filled with the stuff. So we theorized that he got a lose pill or was sitting below her when she used her inhaler and might have gotten a whif. All very odd stuff, but impossible to diagnose.