Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enjoying the last of her vacay!

Pangea is enjoying the last bit of her vacay in peace...

She is utterly filthy, as a few of my clients witnessed last night! We were joking around that everyone that reads this blog only ever sees her being clean and sparkly... but they have proof that she does indeed get to be a filthy dirty horse when on vacation! She is so NASTY.... can't wait to toss her back in the pool tomorrow and unearth an actual animal under the layer of caked-on Texas crust.

Tomorrow, she swims in the AM, and then she sees the chiropractor. I'm giving the guy a second chance to see if he can actually do a little something for her or not... last time I thought we had plenty of issues to work on, and he didn't say much of anything about it (or do much of anything). This time, there are CLEARLY some big things going on, and I'm curious to see what he has to say. He completely 100% missed her teeth and TMJ issues last time, so I'm not sure what he will or will not catch this go-around. We'll see.

And then, we go back to work! Enjoy being lazy and dirty for a final day, my mare! Then it is back to being CLEAN!


  1. Wait, is that dirty?! I guess you could always put a spot of wash'n'wax into the AquaTread water to really produce some polish and shine when she emerges!

    Good thinking with the chiro; if he fails again could be time to find another.

  2. It is nice that she gets to get dirty once in a while