Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Catch-Up Post

Contrary to the evidence, I am still actually alive! I've been a bit too swamped with life to be able to really sit down and write out a lengthy update, and now I am faced with the daunting task of playing catch-up with all the major highlights of the past week and a half. I used to be such a good blogger, bringing everyone along for every step of the journey... which is part of what made the Eventing-A-Gogo blog so popular. People always told me they really felt like they knew us... like they were really there for every step of the way. When I lost her, I lost that part of my motivation. I've never really been quite able to write in the same engaged kind of way. Maybe it will come back to me someday. I don't know.

Well, anyway. When we last left off, we were discussing Pangea's dental issues as well as her problems with thin soles and general overall stiffness. She'll be started on Adequan shortly (my ever-intelligent self of course asked the Canadian prepurchase vet for an Adequan script when she came down.... of course I then later realized the problems with filling an international prescription.... d'oh!), but in the meantime I've added BL Pellets to her daily ration to see if a little Devil's Claw helps her out. I've seen this product really help some creaky old farts to get around better, so we'll see if it has an effect on her.

In terms of her feet, boots are still probably my best bet in the long run, but I am still carefully weighing my options here and there isn't one perfect solution or easy choice to make. Despite being a trimmer, I've just never been *that* into boots, even though they of course have their important places in sport and rehab. We'll come up with a solution of some sort for the long term, but as a temporary measure, I do have this to back me up:

Casting material! It's a very good temporary and short-term way to help give her a little bit of sole protection without compromising on vertical flexion. I had no intention of leaving this cast on for any particular length of time, so all I did was use half of the roll of cast on one foot and half on the other. My main goal? Temporary protection on a rocky trail ride! (Which actually didn't have all that many rocks on it after all.... go figure!)

We made a very triumphant return to Benbrook Lake last weekend. I was a bit worried about the terrain, given that last time it got a little bit intense, but I didn't have anything to worry about. There were actually big, wide mowed paths throughout the majority of the trailways... can you say gallop tracks? Also, have you noticed that pretty much everyone we go when we are on Trailventures, we can see the city of Fort Worth? See if you can spot it in the pictures!

The last time we were at Benbrook Lake, things were a little heated on her end. She spent most of the ride jigging and hot, ending up completely drenched in lathery sweat despite it being cool and nice outside. During this ride, despite it being nearly 100 degrees (what was I thinking!?), she finished the ride nearly dry, without hardly a moment's worth of freshness or attitude. She actually sauntered - sauntered people! - on the buckle for the entire 2 hour ride. Deer crashing through the woods, Memorial Day partiers screaming and blasting music, roaring motorboats, hikers.... nothing bothered her. Who is this animal and what did she do with my Pangea!?

Look at that, clean and dry! She is really becoming a solid citizen... no more pawing, pulling back, jigging, stressing or snarky attitude! She stands immobile when tied for as long as she is tied for, doesn't jig, doesn't give me the 'tude, and comes to be caught when she sees me with a halter. Hooray progress!

The casts did their job perfectly, and are already back off. She actually seems more comfortable on rocks after her brief stint in casts, which is strange considering the fact that her feet are soft from all the recent rain/deathstorms, and her soles are still as thin as ever. Her heels have come WAY WAY down all on their own, so perhaps her feet are just finally starting to sort themselves out a little bit. She still has a very long way to go.

It is late, but there is more to write about.... namely a visit from the DENTIST! Stay tuned!


  1. I did the boot thing for a while with Solo and got frustrated because he always tore them off (he forges). But I've come back to it now because I've pulled his shoes since he is not competing and new farm has some very rocky places.

    The old boots (Epics) do stay on his back feet. I refuse to pay for Renegades so I've tried out the new Cavallo Sport Boots for his front. I broke them according to directions and used them last weekend for a 4 hour and an accidental 8 hour ride -- they freaking STAYED ON. Didn't budge, didn't rub, I was SO excited. So my disgust for boots diminished a little. It took me two tries to get the right size and I have to make sure I've filed his toe short before I put them on, but...success!

    I bought the pastern wraps, but they are stupid and worthless, I used them once at the beginning and they were horrible, so I threw them in a box somewhere.

  2. Have a friend interested in casts. Can you recommend some reading material?

  3. She's making great progress and looks amazing! I love the look of those trails, I wouldn't mind galloping along them myself out on a long run. :)

    But YES woman you must update more, I miss all three of you whilst you're gone!