Friday, April 27, 2012

Pangea in the Pool, and BAY GIRL!

Loading horses onto the AquaTread is quick and easy. It only takes a training session or two, and most horses will readily just walk right in. Pangea is no exception, and was an especially quick study, walking in completely on her own by her second swim (uncommon, as we usually need two handlers to get them in on their second try). Here is she loading up and beginning her workout:

Mare all done swimming, tied out to dry. In most circumstances I think hayracks are the ultimate evil, but in this case, they keep a wet mare in a strong wind distracted long enough to not roll and/or see all of her hay blown rapidly away.

For those of you who didn't know, I finally have made contact with Bay Girl's actual owners, and was told that all of their surrogates are up for sale for a grand each. Everyone's immediate response to this was "put up a donate button on your blog!!" I did, and within two days we already have earned over $400!! If you're interested, head over to Bay Girl's blog to check it out! Where would I be without my readers, seriously! You guys are amazing!


  1. Dude, I want an aquatread. I might just come move in with you just for that. Even though I think I would die in TX heat.

    She's so dappley!

  2. She's a clever girl. I'm getting ahead of things I know, but I can't help secretly looking forward to the day when you can introduce BG and PG to each other!

  3. I wish we had a horse pool. Very cool video.

  4. :p for all your talk about equine soundness, I have to say: you are incredibly unsound.

    Best of luck with BG!

  5. What a pretty girl! Seriously lucky to have an aquatread at her disposal ;)

    I'm gonna have to go donate to the Bay Girl fund!!!

  6. good luck with your BG fund, she is so lucky to have a potential new lease of life! i'll have to hop over to her blog too..
    and the aquatread looks seriously cool.. i'd love to hunt one out to hire for my horse to use occasionally, though it seems a bit pointless unless i can stick to a proper exercise regime/program for it to have any benefit..

  7. She's so cute. That Aquatread is awesome! :)

    Did any of your other readers advertise on their blogs about Bay Girl for you? You're over halfway there. We're so close!! I'm so excited that she could be yours. :D